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[Ottawa – January 14, 2010] – A slim plurality of Canadians say that too much is being spent on the Winter Olympic games to be held in Vancouver next month, although almost as many say that “just the right amount is being spent”. Just seven per cent say that too little is being spent.

“Perhaps the most startling element of this poll,” said EKOS President Frank Graves, “is that in British Columbia, there is a veritable landslide for those saying that too much is being spent on the Olympics. Obviously, the thrill of hosting an event that will catch the world’s attention doesn’t weigh heavily in the balance among British Columbians trying to struggle out of a recession. Sixty-eight per cent of British Columbians say that too much is being spent on the Olympics, compared with just 28% who say the spending is just right. Less than 4% think too little is being spent.

“It may be that an aging Canadian public is no longer that enthused by the Olympics, especially with a stagnant labour market and burgeoning public debt,” said Graves. “Of course, it is possible that if the Olympics go well, some Canadians will become more positive about the spending. On the other hand, there may be some Canadians who haven’t yet awakened to the scale of the public spending the Olympics has entailed.

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3 comments to SWIFTER, HIGHER, TOO EXPENSIVE – January 14, 2010

  • Tom

    We have spent far too much money on the Olympics. It is an elitist sport. Though I live in Vancouver, I can’t afford to attend the games, even though I’ve had to put up with construction and poor roads for two years. The only people that benefit are our corrupt, lying, greedy premier and his real estate developer buddies.


    The money been spent on “GAMES” is being wasted making the rich richer and leaving poor worse off than they were.
    My wife works in education and there isn’t even money in the budget for photocopies. They kids are using inferior equipment and being left behind by other countries with less money.
    Education and health care have to raise money through charitable contributions and they are far more important to Canadians than sports that are backed by billions of our dollars. Take care of people first, then play games. The olympics are an insult to hard working Canadians who are trying to get ahead in dire times.

  • Allan MacDougall

    There is one good thing to Vancouver holding the Olympics: It’s likely the last time Canada will have to deal with hosting an Olympics for a very, very long time.