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[Ottawa – April 22, 2010] – If the Liberals were briefly vaulted into a virtual tie with the Conservatives on the strength of public outrage over the Guergis affair, they have been restored to their previous position in a short week.

We continue to see the virtually unprecedented situation of an electorate which has, for 16 consecutive polls, failed to anoint any party with more than 33 points. And while the Conservatives may take some comfort at a little new breathing space, at 32 points, they are far short of where they were when they were in the last election. For all of the short term excitement this affair produced, it may well serve nothing other than to reinforce increasing voter disillusionment that there is no clear choice to lead the country in the coming years.

Click here for the full report: full_report_april_22

2 comments to OVERNIGHT SENSATION – April 22, 2010

  • G Nam

    In my humble opinion, this is a clear sign that the LPC needs a new leader.

  • JNG

    Now that Ignatieff has thrown the West and Rural Canada under the bus with his decision to whip the vote on the Gun Registry he’s sure to lose 4-8 seats in the next election. Montreal and Toronto do not have enough seats for him to form a majority, he should brush up on his math skills. The Long Gun Registry was a big mistake just like the Liberal Party’s decision to make Ignatieff their leader.