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[OTTAWA – March 28, 2011] From time to time, EKOS offers seat projections based on its opinion polling. The projections are based on national, regional and, in some cases, sub-regional polling projected onto the results of the last election. They do not pretend to predict individual ridings.

Click here for the full report: seat_projection_march_28

6 comments to EKOS SEAT PROJECTION – March 28, 2011

  • Bruno cociani

    Please keep informed if you are going to conduct regular public polling and you have in mind a routine email to people who are interested in a regular update.

    Thank you

  • torgerl

    The liberals 6 seats in Alberta? Really?

  • leonard arvelin

    I believe your seat projection for Alberta appears to be off – 6 seats for the Liberal Party seems highly generous by anyone’s standards. I trust it was a typo.

  • David Stinson

    I do not believe the Liberals have a reasonable chance at more than 1 or 2 seats. Must be an error in your report. I also believe the Conservatives shall do a little better than proposed in Ontario and will end up with 156 seats in total.

  • Six seats for the liberals in Alberta. Oh, my side hurts so much because I can’t stop laughing.

  • Mike

    There is no way possible the Liberals will get 6 seats in Alberta….they would be lucky to capture even 1. Ontario The CPC will gain seats and in BC. In the end the CPC will win 158-161 seats and finally give Canada a Majority government