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We launched this website in order to showcase our election research, and our suite of polling technologies including Probit and IVR. We will be updating this site frequently with new polls, analysis and insight into Canadian politics. EKOS's experience, knowledge and sophisticated research designs have contributed positively to many previous elections.

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In addition to current political analysis, EKOS also makes available to the public general research of interest, including research in evaluation, general public domain research, as well as a full history of EKOS press releases.

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For media inquires, please contact: Frank Graves President EKOS Research Associates t: 613.235-7215 [email protected]

Frank Graves on Everything is Political with Evan Solomon

[Ottawa – December 3, 2015] When Parliament resumes later today, Justin Trudeau will enter the House of Commons with a majority of seats. Last night, Evan Solomon met with Frank Graves to do discuss how the Liberals were able to leapfrog from third place to first place.

Click here for the inside story of how the Liberals became the dominant force, both federally and provincially, and for a discussion about the challenges that lie ahead for the Liberals, the Conservatives, and the NDP (skip to 24:20):

Everything is Political with Evan Solomon (December 2, 2015)

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