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The Public Outlook on Electoral Reform

What do Canadians want?

The following presentation was delivered by Frank Graves to the Special Committee on Electoral Reform on October 20, 2016.

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A video of this presentation (as well as the Q&A period) can be found here.

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4 comments to The Public Outlook on Electoral Reform

  • Bud

    It’s too bad the Canadian public that has put so little imagination and thought into this, because we have a once in a generation opportunity to open our minds to possibilities and potentially re-design how things work.

    Here are some questions that might make people think a bit more:

    – Would you rather your preferred party alternate between full power and no power over time … or would you rather it ALWAYS have partial power? Under which situation would you be more likely to show up and vote?

    – Would you rather see a party with full power (metaphorically) walk five steps in one direction and risk being followed by another party that walks five steps in the opposite direction … or would you rather multiple parties work together to walk three steps in a direction they can all live with?

    – Do you think in a more proportional set-up, with little to no chance of a majority, parties would continue to behave badly as they have in recent minority Parliaments … or would they give up on the hope of a majority and eventually work together and compromise more?

    – Despite the bad behaviours, do you know what know what minority Parliaments have achieved in Canada federally?

    If you are liberal-minded look at Pearson’s minority in 1965-68:
    Canada Pension Plan
    Canada Student Loans
    The Maple Leaf Flag
    Modern labour legislation (min. wage, 40-hour work week, etc.)
    Balanced budgets
    The Royal Commission on the Status of Women
    The Royal Commission on Bilingualism
    The first race-free immigration policy in the world

    If you lean conservative, think about Harper’s minority 2006-08:

    The Accountability Act
    Quebec as a Nation resolution
    Tax Reform
    Head Tax apology
    A policy consensus on Afghanistan
    Child care

  • Verne Fischer

    Stop calling my telephone number

  • Verne Fischer

    Stop Stop Stop calling my telephone number!!!!!

    • Hi Verne,

      Please accept our apologies for calling. To have your number added to our ‘Internal Do Not Call List’ just give us a ring at our toll-free number (1-855-288-4932) and, at the tone, leave the number you want added. This will block us from calling for not only the survey we were calling about in the first place, but from all future surveys as well. We have staff that monitors this line daily. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at [email protected] or you can enter your phone number to our DNCL by visiting: https://97.ca/probit/cwx.cgi?EN:DNCL

      Thank you,
      EKOS Research Associates

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