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VIDEO: Canada’s Political Divides

Does Canada run the risk of a populist revolt? Frank Graves appears on The Agenda with Steve Paikin to discuss the country’s deepening ideological divides.

4 comments to VIDEO: Canada’s Political Divides

  • mary dicerni

    Who will be the honest politician, and tell us which ones are running for Islam. It might be more like a Canadian would do. Who are the KKK and who are the nazis? Which is a communist or a muslim? Which belong to the Political Party of Islam? What hidden names are they using, like the rose party? The green party? Who are the current ones running for the control seats? Women preferred? Only Muslim females? Whom are we kidding? Why change the swearing in ceremony for these few of party of islam? What happened to our GOD???? Why have a political party of Islam run along side Liberal party? We need to know what we are voting for, do we not? No clarity here. Why? When are we sending back those who sneaked into Canada illegally? We ALL need to hear how many were sent back, like we promised to do in a treaty with the USA? Where are the truly real people? We do know when you are lying. When a candidate is running with the muslim voters, pretending to join their religion, to get their votes, we will make our own decision. Do we want Islam ruling Canada? They only want the whole planet Earth to be Planet Islam. How can we help them? List those who are running for Islam. Tell it like it is. Listen to that very smart man, Thomas Jefferson, who did know to BEN ALL OF ISLAM FROM AMERICA in 1786, and
    has been recently ignored by non-American-loving Presidents? Americans are not appreciating the great man Trump, their President now. .. who is trying to make it right. Americans who love America need to try to help this Great President who truly love AMERICA. We need a Canada-loving leadership team, to respect the Canadian way. Who will it be? THANK YOU. Mary

  • mary dicerni

    Do not get me started on our Health care programs. I am now 85 and have many serious problems since a colonoscopy in 2007, 10 yrs ago, by a non-gastroenterologist, simply a locum in BC, Canada, on the Island of Vancouver. Having been left for ten years to suffer pain with many discomforts, and many useless visits to specialists, I am still without any help getting the old bladder surgery put back into place, and straightening the bent urethra, but also no assistance, except more useless visits to simple surgeons instead of the real specialisits for these large abdominal wall hernias that also appeared right after the colonoscopy. After many pills and numerous visits, and told to come in for visits every two weeks, to a GP who was also charging for 20 min. depression counsellings, which were never done, but he also promised to find me the proper surgeon to do these repairs. After a great Urologist said I need re-do of old bladder surgery now, and was to do BLADDER RE-DO, but retired and they do not pay attention to those retired. No listening to those who know better. Many more specialists were seen and all suggested many more “pills” to try to correct these problems. New breed of physicians with a year less learning? Are we all crazy? I was then aware that the locum wrote I was “very depressed”, but never mentioned it to me. So now I am ignored, I presume .. because I may be suicidal? What kind of medicine is this? British Columbia alone on this? I was NEVER ASKED IF I WAS DEPRESSED. After ten years I need to reveal the truth that has plagued me and prevented any repairs to correct the errors of a locum, then was hidden in Nunavut. The low Oxygen created by the abdominal wall hernias, very tight around the bra line, too tight to allow full expansion to breathe, has also made a good environment for heart attacks, which they say I had this year. I was recently told i will die if I have this surgery, no mention of a name for this surgery…we all get it, apparently, and some surgeons feel it is all “NORMAL” FOR SENIOR TO HAVE. other surgeons say they know of no surgeon who can do” this” surgery, again, no name for this repair. Do we have to go to China or to India to get this repair done? The surgeons all refused to refer me to a specialist who can do “it”. How many over twenty visits should we have, to assess a “situation”? Medicine is totally stupid these days. NO LOGIC AT ALL. JUST VISITS, after it was to be repaired by a specilaist uroligist. Other specialists either said to try more pills or the “situation was too confusing”, as some felt the two surgeries might be done together. Where are our specialists listed?
    Seniors are being blamed for the high costs of useless visits, tests, joint surgery, nursing homes, which are required if these ruptures are not repaired, as are all the pain and sleeping pills for life, we will surely all need if this goes on. They keep counting the STATS for the future number of seniors..lol how funny is that? All of us in a nursing home? All with “it”? No special surgeons? We need to send them all back for more learning. .. as I see it. I believe we need these repairs before the “big one” happens, before age 50, maybe day surgery? Thank you all for reading, as this is an “important to us all message”, but where do we all go for the answer and for the repairs we now need? Why are we allowing these silly simple surgeons to do these dangerous procedures in our hospital where we used to feel safe? He was replacing my surgeon who was to evaluate my chest lump, and was away six months, having his surgery. Locum said he could fix the lump by doing colonoscopy. No surgery needed? I screamed a lot, feeling sharp cuts all across. How much extra was he earning, doing these while the cat was away? Just another conundrum seniors live with. Suicide stats? Why? Mary

  • B Sumner

    Canuckistan – stupid stupid country……

  • Daniel Labbe

    The state of Canada is a mess because of the political corruption and immorality. True Conservatism is non-existent these days, as there’s no real difference between the parties anymore. Liberalism has infected most everyone thru deception by promising a better future. Every election, it’s the same old thing, they promise what people want in exchange for their vote. Deception is also in our schools, in our churches, in government and on T.V, you can’t escape it unless you yourself know the truth. For that to happen, you must be a true Christian.

    Many of you may not be aware of the fact that if you consider yourself a liberal or a democrat, there’s no way that you belong to GOD.

    First, think about it, you have liberal governments in Canada, as well as every nation in the world, they are secular. They don’t recognize GOD as having authority over any government in the world. They believe their laws to be supreme over that of GOD’s and people who label themselves as liberals Christians, are nothing but false Christians, because they see nothing wrong with supporting a government that wants nothing to do with the One True GOD. The world is being turned upside down and liberal Christians are O.K with it.

    Second, immorality disguised as rights of certain people who choose to live a life of immorality is born from liberalism. It takes immoral people in government to introduce a bill to legislators legalizing what GOD views as abominations and it takes deceived Christians and ungodly people to willingly accept these sins simply because they were made legal by these ungodly governments, which is described in Isaiah 5:20 in the bible as:

    Isaiah 5:20 “How terrible it will be for those who call evil good and good evil, who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, who substitute what is bitter for what is sweet and what is sweet for what is bitter!” 

    True Christians recognize that the earth belongs to GOD and that GOD’s Laws are above all earthly governments’ laws. They know better than to support such repugnant laws, because to support that stupidity is to betray GOD. No wonder they’re able to fall for any ridiculous lies like climate change.

    Liberals refuse to acknowledge that there’s some climatologists who say the climate change theory is a hoax. Why? It’s another way to rob people of their hard-earned money in new taxes. They use celebrities to convince people of the lies and in return, celebrities are revered for supporting such a “noble cause” while earning a lot of money for playing a small role in their attempt to deceive the world. Liberals fall for it every time, because they’re without the knowledge of GOD.

    Liberal Christians also have a skewed view of certain other issues concerning the western world, a big one being gun control for one. It’s funny how liberals blame weapons rather than those in control of them. Man made guns, guns didn’t make the man. Logic has left the liberals, that’s why some people refer to them as “libtards”, because they make no sense at all.

    It’s not the guns that are the problem, it’s the people in control of them. Look at the U.S for instance, look at the people being shot by police! This is indicative of the type of training they received, the caliber of trainers law enforcement have at their disposal. This is also a reflection of the type of people who are being allowed to become police officers, when they don’t have what it takes to become one in the first place. Those hiring these new recruits don’t care about the quality of the cadets, but it’s the fact that they’re from a minority group, so that they can be labelled as an equal opportunity employer. Rather than laying the blame where it belongs, they blame it on weapons and want to take guns away from people who are qualified and have them and a legitimate use for them. An unarmed world is a controllable world.

    Libtards are also globalists. They don’t believe in the One True GOD and those who think they do are deceived, because they believe in a one world government who will do away with all of humanity’s problems. Libtards don’t see the scheme, they fail to see how globalists are trying to counterfeit GOD’s plan for His people. World empire never rid the world of oppression,poverty or slavery. One world governments are nothing but dictatorships. These are brought about thru deceptions via groups of nations or world city organizations such as “the U.N’s Strong Cities Network”. Through your phones, computers, smart appliances, surveillance networks at work, your car or at home, you are being spied upon. They will tell you it’s for your security, but the truth is, it’s a tool they will use when the time comes to round up anyone who speaks against a world government. Anyone who says anything negative will be taken away from society to be imprisoned or killed. People will be treated like livestock.

    To get to that point, they need to get people away from GOD to support their agenda. To gain their support, they force Christians to accept sins by making them legal and making them appear as haters of people, to make them guilty of a hate crime, which leads people to betray GOD. As long as politicians honor their promises, like whores, the people will keep supporting politicians. So far, they’ve gained peoples’ support because they’re giving the people what they want, they refused to outlaw abortions, they legalized same-sex marriages, euthanasia, and now, marijuana. This is global, everywhere in the world where there’s a liberal government, the same thing is being implemented for the soul purpose of blinding or pre-occupying the masses so that they don’t see the trap being sprung. Once they have all that they want from the people, then and only then will people see the one-world government’s true color. They will realize that they’ve empowered a monster and there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. In fact, Obama’s famous words when he stood with Justin Trudeau and the Mexico’s president, enrique pena nieto, in Ottawa in June 2016, when he said that there’s nothing anyone can do to reverse this “new world entity”. He said that in case Mr. Trump became president and had ideas to destroy globalism in America.

    Libtards hate common sense, they hate Donald Trump because he’s against globalism and is pro nationalism. His tearing apart everything Obama set in place and people hate him for it. Libtards are trying to oust him out of power because they hate him. They don’t care how good the results of his efforts to restore the country are, they want him out of government. Libtard in Canada and all over the world despise him, because he’s for common sense, not some pipe dream that will never come to fruition.

    It doesn’t matter where you live in this world, libtards will rule. The only thing anyone sane can do to save himself is to seek his Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST, otherwise, they will just perish along with the libtards.

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