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Statement from EKOS Research Associates

[Ottawa – May 25, 2020] A recent headline based on a survey conducted by EKOS Research Associates reported that a majority of Ottawa residents oppose city boundary expansion, which seems to conflict with earlier research where we found that Ottawa residents are looking for a balance of intensification and expansion. We believe that the underlying data are accurately presented in both surveys and we stand by our original conclusion. However, we would like to address this apparent contradiction.

First off, it is clear that most Ottawa residents have concerns over boundary expansion; both surveys support this finding. Clear majorities believe the City staff’s recommendation will put additional pressure on City services and increase greenhouse gas emissions.

Given the choice between a world with significant boundary expansion and one with no boundary expansion, results suggest a preference for the latter (52 per cent). However, boundary expansion is not a binary issue and there are many approaches to gauging public support. In the earlier research, when respondents are given a broader array of options, they opt overwhelmingly for a combination of boundary expansion and other measures to provide housing to Ottawa’s growing population.

Furthermore, in the earlier study, when the issue of boundary expansion is framed by looking at neighborhood impacts preferences shift towards more boundary expansion. Similarly, framing the issue in terms of housing affordability further shifts preferences in favour of expansion.

The bottom line is that both surveys look at the issue of boundary expansion from different angles using different questions and both surveys give important insights into public opinion on the matter. Both surveys reveal the public have concerns about boundary expansion, but we stand by the conclusion of the earlier study that Ottawa residents are looking for a balance of intensification and expansion. Others may draw different conclusions based on the results to this most recent poll but, from our perspective we believe the black-and-white depiction of support or opposition may not reflect the complexity of the boundary expansion issue.

1 comment to Statement from EKOS Research Associates

  • Francis Bacon

    What is clear from the two surveys is that the results of your “research” can be manipulated to favour the position of the party paying for the study in the first place. Taken in this light, what your company provides is nothing more than “spin”. Your business model seems to rely upon the fact that most people have neither the time nor the intelligence to drill down into your surveys to discover the biases inherent in them.

    Nothing new to report here, just another example of a morally bankrupt organization attempting to salvage its antiquated business model. Scientia potentia est.

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