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We launched this website in order to showcase our election research, and our suite of polling technologies including Probit and IVR. We will be updating this site frequently with new polls, analysis and insight into Canadian politics. EKOS's experience, knowledge and sophisticated research designs have contributed positively to many previous elections.

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In addition to current political analysis, EKOS also makes available to the public general research of interest, including research in evaluation, general public domain research, as well as a full history of EKOS press releases.

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Daily Tracking: August 21, 2021

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Daily Tracking: August 20, 2021

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Daily Tracking: August 19, 2021

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People’s Party at 5.1% in Last Week’s Polling

[Ottawa – August 19, 2021] As the 44th federal election campaign kicks into full gear, the question of whether or not the People’s Party will be invited to the debates on September 8th and 9th has emerged. The Leader’s Debates Commission is responsible for setting the criteria for the leaders’ participation in the debates. According to the rules set by the commission, participating parties must meet at least one of the following three requirements:

  • The party must be represented in the House of Commons by a Member of Parliament who was initially elected under that party’s banner;
  • The party must have won four per cent of the vote in the most recent election; or
  • The party must hold the support of at least four per cent of voters according to national public opinions polls.

While the Liberal Party, Conservative Party, NDP, Green Party, and Bloc Québécois all meet the first two criteria, the People’s Party’s participation hinges on public opinion polls. EKOS does not endorse any political party, nor does it take any position on the election or who should and should not appear in the leader’s debates. However, to help inform the commission’s decision, we are releasing our most recent one-week roll-up based on a robust sample of 2,134 Canadians adults. In this survey, the People’s Party are at 5.1% nationally, which is clearly above the four-point threshold required for admission. [More...]

Daily Tracking: August 18, 2021

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Daily Tracking: August 17, 2021

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Vax Pass and Post-Pandemic Canada

As we enter our 44th federal election, there is an unprecedented array of challenges facing the country. A once-in-a-lifetime health and economic crisis casts a pall over the country. As the summer began, the public were of the view that the worst was over (as late as June, 84 per cent of Canadians believed the worst had passed). However, the summer is drawing to a close, the impacts of the new and more transmissible Delta variant has raised the yardstick for herd immunity, and most now believe we are entering a fourth wave. There is still broad confidence in Canada’s performance in exceeding the stated goals for vaccine rollout, but there is also recognition that we may need even stronger national action to conclude the vaccine rollout and put the worst part of the pandemic behind us. [More...]

Political Landscape on Verge of Potential Election

[Ottawa – July 22, 2021] As Canadians begin to seriously ponder the end of the biggest crisis in modern history, they are hearing increased chatter about an imminent election. In this brief update, we look at the current voter landscape and recent shifts. What do they tell us about the range of possible outcomes of an election? We also thought that, given the salience of this once-in-a-lifetime crisis, we would connect voting intentions to the issue of vaccine roll-out and the possible end of the pandemic. These linkages are important and could become a force in shaping the final outcome of a possible election. [More...]

Politics and Pandemic

[Ottawa – June 16, 2021] As the public begin to believe that the worst of the pandemic is now behind us, it is interesting to chart where the voter landscape is today. Talk of elections is in the air and there are important linkages between the voter landscape and the pandemic. No issue rivals the pandemic in salience for the public and the sense that the worst is over may well be working in favour of the incumbent Liberals. [More...]

Previously Frozen Political Landscape Now Moving in Favour of Liberals

[Ottawa – May 7, 2021] In a new poll, the relative stability of the political landscape appears to have been disrupted by a sharp rise in public belief that the worst of the pandemic is behind us. As vaccine rollout rises dramatically, the fortunes of the Conservative Party, who had staked out a view that the vaccine rollout was going to be calamitously distant in the future, are falling in lockstep. [More...]

Online Hate

[Ottawa – March 23, 2021] EKOS Research Associates conducted a Canada-wide interactive voice response (IVR) poll of 1,230 Canadians, 18 years of age or older for the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. The survey was conducted to gauge how big of a problem Canadians believe online hate is in Canada, and the support for different types of anti-hate regulations on social media platforms. [More...]

Liberals Hold Steady Lead

[Ottawa – January 29, 2021] It appears neither the arrival of multiple effective COVID-19 vaccines nor fears of potential vaccine shortages have impacted the federal horserace. At 34 points, the Liberals hold a small, but stable lead over the Conservatives who, at 31 points, have not seen any real movement in over a year. The NDP remain in third place at 15 points. [More...]

Pandemic, Polarization, and Expectations for Government

As the pandemic continues to exert its fierce grip on Canada we are seeing some important shifts in public outlook. In this release, we summarize some of these key shifts based on a very large probability sample of some 5,200 Canadians polled from November 13 to the 26nd. The research shows the impact of two critical new developments working in largely opposite directions; deep and rising gloom about a much worse than expected second wave and a new recognition that safe and effective vaccines have been developed. These contradictory forces are reshaping public expectations for the coming months. They are also revealing a stark polarization of the public with a strengthened majority now saying governments should be tougher and more uniform in their responses to ensure that deaths and disabilities that would be rendered wasted once vaccines are rolled out are not needlessly sacrificed in this waiting period. On the other hand, a strongly opposed group of those protesting loss of freedom, anti-mask and anti-vax outlooks have shifted from tepid compliance to outright defiance. [More...]

Liberals Hold Stable Lead

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the Liberal Party holds a stable lead over the Conservatives. At 35 points, Liberal support has scarcely budged since the summer. If the public are disappointed over potential delays in rolling out a vaccine, their discontent does appear to be translating into votes. [More...]

WE Charity Scandal Had Clear Impact but May Be Dissipating

[Ottawa – July 25, 2020] The WE Charity Scandal appears to be registering and the federal horserace has tightened significantly. The 11-point lead the Liberals enjoyed a month ago has shrunk to just five points. However, there is evidence that the impacts of the scandal are already beginning to dissipate; at 35 points, the Liberals are up two points from our previous poll. [More...]

Update on the Political Landscape and the Issues of Race, Policing, and the Three Ms in the Canada-China Affair

[Ottawa – June 26, 2020] As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the Liberal Party is in full majority mode. At just under 41 points, the Liberals enjoy a wider lead today than on election night 2015, which saw the party win a decisive majority mandate. The Conservatives trail at 30 points and the NDP remains in a distant third place at just 13 points. [More...]

A Future History of the COVID-19 Crisis

[Ottawa – May 12, 2020] As Canadians continue to work their way through the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to take the opportunity to present an update of how the public see this crisis evolving. We begin with an update on the federal political landscape, which provides an important means for understanding how views on the pandemic are linked to partisanship and other factors. However, our main purpose is to understand how this crisis is playing out in the public’s mind and how they see the future of Canada and the world unfolding. [More...]

COVID-19 Produces Pervasive and Strong Anxiety

[Ottawa – March 27, 2020] Canadians are unified in seeing the COVID-19 pandemic as the challenge of a lifetime. Most Canadians say it eclipses the September 11th attacks in terms of severity and this sense of urgency rose during our field period. Overall, 73 per cent think this is the most serious challenge Canada has faced in 50 years (only 12 per cent disagreed). This sense of historic urgency rose form 70 per cent to 75 per cent over the week of polling. [More...]

Directional Outlook and Public Response to Growing Iran-U.S. Tensions

[Ottawa – January 16, 2020] It has been a turbulent beginning to 2020. In particular, the heightened tensions between the United States and Iran have escalated dramatically, resulting in the tragic loss of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 and the deaths of 176 people, including 57 Canadians. In the first instalment of a broader poll looking at public outlook on key issues, we will look at the public response to this crisis. [More...]

Little Cheer for Scheer as Conservatives Ponder the Next Leader

[Ottawa – December 17, 2019] Clearly, the Canadian electorate isn’t in a forgiving mood. No matter how they voted in October, overwhelming majorities are happy to see Andrew Scheer exiting the Conservative leader’s office. A scant seven per cent are sorry to him leave, while more than ten times that figure approve of his decision. [More...]